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Story of the Goat

Fondue is an Alpine treat.  Created by 20 year local Karla Elinoff, whose father is a famous Toque Blanche Belgian chef and whose husband is a chevalier in the Chaines des Rotisseurs Societee, the "Goat" is a very unique fondue restaurant.  

Introduced to America at the 1964 New York World’s Fair by the Swiss, traditional fondue is Emmenthal and/or Gruyere cheese in a garlic rubbed pot with kirschwasser or white wine in a precise amount of 15 oz for two servings and served with stale, crusty bread.

We don't use stale bread but rather an imported bread that is sauteed in plugra style butter (from the French plus and gras meaning more fat, 82% butterfat), sea salt and seasonings.  We think this makes a more delicious fondue and we’re sure you’ll agree. 

 Then we give you choices, from adding Spanish Chorizo and sheep's milk cheese for our “Basque” fondue to a local favorite called "Scrapple", where we add imported Irish Cheddar and oodles of real bacon bits and chives.


All of our cheeses are from Europe where cows are happily fed only their natural, grass fed diet and there are no hormones such rBGH added to beef up their milk production that make cows weary and sick.


It’s served warm enough to be smooth but not so hot that it burns. If this temperature is held properly to the end, there will be a thin crust of toasted cheese at the bottom of the caquelon called “la religieuse” (French for the nun). It has the texture of a cracker and should be scraped off the bottom and shared.  We'll help you if we see you struggling. J  Some people think it's the best part.

Our raclette is different, too.  Raclette was thought to have been invented in Gruyere, Switzerland where cheese was set next to an open fire and as it melted,  it would be sliced off and served molten on a thick piece of crusty bread with nosh such as boiled potatoes, small pickles, cured ham, etc.  Traditionally a shepherd’s meal, all restaurants do it differently but we like ours best. 


We melt Gruyere cheese on a hot stone and serve it with sliced, imported bread that is sauteed and seasoned with a panoply of mashed potatoes, and cured ham called "Speck", scrambled egg, chives, leaks and more then finish it on the griddle so that it's crispy and soft at the same time and served along with some grilled asparagus and gherkins. 

Finally, our dessert fondue is different, too.  We use pure, 60% melted chocolate and imported  goat's milk caramel called "cajeta”.  When you fill the little boats with warm chocolate and caramel you'll see Walker's shortbread, all butter madeleines and lots of other, delicious dippers.  We also make our own 24% butterfat ice cream with organic cream, organic milk, organic sugar and pure vanilla.  All included with your dessert.

Our homemade ice cream is the original "Neal's” that took first place at the National Ice Cream Retailer's awards and "Very Best Ice Cream and Where to Find It" book from years past.  It's something we did in the past and want to share with you to show how delicious ice cream can be.  You can't buy ice cream this good and it's included in the dessert fondue so that you can enjoy the labors of our love.

We hope you enjoy our Swiss Alpine cuisine and thank you for coming.

Neal, Karla and the rest of the herd